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Our Guarantees & Promises

200% Setup Fee Guarantee

Nobody want to pay a setup fee if they can’t get results. As it is illegal to make any promises with regards to results we will do the next best thing.

If we do not get at least $100 in deletions within the first 6 months of service we will give you $200

Easy Conditions

  • You must have at least $250 in possible deletions to start with
  • We must get through at least 5 cycles/rounds of letters
  • We must have constant access to your updated credit reports
  • You account must be in good standing

Results Guarantee

We cannot promise any specific results as it is illegal however we are willing to offer you a guarantee that gives you money if we don’t hit our goal

If we don’t obtain a 75% deletion rate in 6-9 months we will refund 100% of your setup fee

Easy Conditions

  • Account must be in good standing
  • Must have a minimum of 12 items needing to be deleted
  • We must have gone through 9 Cycles/rounds of letters
  • We Must have constant access to your updated credit reports
  • Your account must never be more than 15 days late


  • We promise to always return ALL of your calls
  • We promise to answer all of your questions
  • We promise not to lie or mislead you in any way

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