Wednesday , June 28 2017
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Step 1 – Sign Up For Credit Monitoring Service

Recommended – We recommend credit monitoring services that provide the following benefits

a – Ability to show all 3 credit reports merged into one – (Trimerge, Three In One Etc) – We need this to make sure we can work on all three of your credit files

b – Includes ability to update ALL 3 credit reports at least once per month – Most services include unlimited updates for 1 credit bureau and charge extra each month ($30 – $45) to update all three bureaus

c – Ability to update ALL 3 credit reports at NO additional charge (If there is no additional charge we will be able to process the monthly update for you) this improves our ability to proceed with your file without needing to contact you to process the update

The companies we recommend that allow all three of the above benefits are as follows – $9.99 per month – $29.95 per month

We can use any other credit monitoring service but you will be responsible to make sure we have monthly access to updated tri-merge credit reports

Once you have your credit monitoring signon’s you can proceed to Step 2

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